We are proud of our students, and the results of their training in our organization, which has earned The Battery accolades from college coaches and positive comments from students and parents.

From Parents


Fred, It was an exciting year for Jes and the team. I want to thank you for improving her skills as a hitter and teaching her life lessons as you did. Your patience as a coach is your most valuable asset. And you needed patience with Jes. I have no doubt that she would not have done as well this season without your help. The other night at the banquet (Pittsford Sutherland) , she was presented the "Model Teammate ' award and was named captain for the 2015 season. We look forward to working with you again in the coming months.

Jim Marini, Jes' dad


This past winter, my daughter Sidney went to your softball program on Sunday afternoon. The couple of thousand miles I put on my car was well worth it. Sidney improved immensely at the plate and defensively. I am proud to tell you because of the skills you and your team taught  her, she was named to the Steuben County second team all stars as a soph.omore in varsity. Please thank everyone involved in your program for their hard work.    James McGinn - Hammonsport



To you and the staff at The Battery my sincere thanks for the great job you did improving my daughter's fast pitch softball skills over the past fall and winter.  Kathryn had such a positive experience each week and the results were phenomenal.  She established a goal to earn a starting position on the BK lady Kings and through your coaching and her hard work and dedication achieved it. What a great way to deliver a life lesson showing the links between goal setting, commitment, hard work and results.

Moving forward please know that Diane and I will offer a strong endorsement of The Battery to any of our friends, family and co-workers who might have children chasing dreams to play baseball or softball at the  high school level or beyond.

Very impressed and very grateful,  Kevin Prinzing



Two of my children, Connor and Ryanne, had the opportunity to work with   Coach T at The Battery for several years. He was able to help them achieve their goals of playing baseball and softball in college. His teachings  on dedication, commitment and most  of all just being a good person had a strong impact with them. Coach T  truly had a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of the students he taught  great values and support to each person that came in contact with him.

He will be missed by all.  Gary, Darlene, Connor and Ryanne Sullivan. Sept 2012


Coach T was a wonderful man and we will for ever be grateful for the support and guidance and encouragement he gave our son Dan. Maureen and Dan Piehler - Sept 2012


Coach T and The Battery had a great impact on Dan's skills and confidence. He learned more that baseball at The Battery. Thanks to Coach for everything. We only regret that we can not tell him in person.                 Dan Brust - Sept 2012


Coach T taught Ryan and Steven so much about the game and respect for baseball. We are all better people for knowing him.

 Steven, Ryan, Lisa and Jim Campbell - Sept 2012


Coach T was a very special man and touched many hearts, including ours.

Marie, Dom, Dave, Dan and Rachell Vacco - Sept 2012


Coach T was a pillar in my life. The things he did for me and the lessons he instilled into me was something I cannot never repay. Coach was a dad to me, even though he should have kicked my butt a few times, his manly example and direction played a big impact on my life.                                                    John Davison - Sept 2012


Coach T- a real hero who chose to make a difference in our community, our country, our world. Honoring the life of someone who gave so much for so many.

Alex Jarvela - Spet 2012



Coach T was wonderful role model. He instilled a solid work ethic on  the field and in the classroom.                     Margaret, Elliot, Emily and Nicole Foo - Sept 2012


I drive by The Battery everyday and kept telling myself I should stop in and visit. I will always regret not doing that ...but I am going to make it a point to stop in sometime. I will always have great memories of Saturday mornings, and of Coach T telling us three things. 1. Sit right up front  and take good notes. 2. perefec practice makes perfect.  3. Thank your parents for paying for you!  Now I have been working with young ball players I find myself telling the kids these same things. Little did I know when I was growing up that going to a winter baseball academy on Saturday mornings would have such an impact on the rest of my life.

Adrian Daniels - Sept 2012



Coach T was a wonderful man who did so much for Chettie and countless others whose life he touched: we will be forever grateful for how a positive mentor he was for our son.                                               Mary Anne and Chet Waver - Sept 2012


Coach T has touched our boys' lives in a way no one else has. Paul and Melissa Wencek - Sept 2012


Coach T was a man that all the boys respected and loved. He not only taught baseball but shared the values of dedication, hard work, getting good grades in school.                                                     Dan and Renee Bamann - Sept 2012


In addition of being an excellent pitching coach, he was a positive wonderful influence on all his students.He reinforced the importance of hard work, discipline and a good education. As a parent, Coach T was the kind of mentor you hope your child will find. Some of the happiest memories of Bradley's HS baseball were the Battery games at Genesee Valley and Oswego.  Bradley loved riding to Oswego with Coach, listening to his music and hearing his stories.  We were blessed to have Coach T in our lives.

Diane Parke-Potter and Rod Potter - Sept 2012


Coach T not only tuned boys into baseball  players but great young men as well. I will be forever grateful.                                                    John Amico - Sept 2012


Coach t helped my son Keith learn the game of baseball. Such a frustrating game at times. He is very well prepared for his work in life. I am sure from Coach T he has learned how to keep going and not give up.         Claudia Savino - Sept 2012


I remember one summer Coach T had a difficult time pronouncing my last name when reading the line-up. So after stumbling over it, he looked at me and said "I ain't saying that name all summer. From now on you are PT.  I have kept that nickname all my summers on the Battery team.          Jake Privitera - Sept 2012

John was a great coach, friend and role model for both our sons.  Len and May Jo- Sept   2012


Coach T: Repeat it. Don't beat it.  Sit up front and take good notes.  Mickey Mccarthy - Sept 2012

Coach T made my son Dave what he is today.  The Williams - Sept 2012


Coach T was a great mentor and inspiration to me. I will always remember the goodness he instilled in myself and many others. he was a big part of what made me the man I am today.  Dave Williams - Sept 2012


Coach T's famous sayings:  Sit up front and take  notes and Mickey Mouse is a Communist!                                                                 Rich Menteer - Sept 2012


Coach T, You touched my life and made me the person I  am.  Eddie Bower - Sept 2012


Summers with Coach T:  Hey Parrino, you hit me and you walk home!  Bad thing is you hit me, the good thing is you don't throw hard enough to break glass!  When I wiggle my fingers I want you to steal third.                      Nate Parrino - Sept 2012

Coach T, Sit up front and take good notes. I will never forget the words you always leave us with.  Richie Taddonio - Sept 2012


From Coach T:  Take a pitch means don't swing ...not take it into outer space. Donovan Daily (or Double D like you nicknamed me) - Sept 2012


 I want to say thank you for offering the winter softball academy. Abby has tryouts for JV at West Irondequoit and was pulled up to varsity.   She was so happy that I told her hard work, dedication and great training did this for her.  We will see you for private lessons and winter training next winter.  What a great program you offer for the girls and we have told so many parents. Thanks again.

The Plummers


"I want to thank The Battery and the wonderful staff, especially Coach and Mrs. T for all the positive influence you had on my son through the last several years. Besides the excellent baseball instruction, you have also taught Brandon some important life's lessons that will benefit him for the rest of his life. Since coming to The Battery, his baseball skills have improved to the point that he will be playing baseball while attending Oswego. I am very comfortable having my 8 year old son begin to develop his baseball skills at The Battery and look forward to continuing the positive relationship that my family has had with everyone at The Battery."

                                                                                                           Sincerely,  Bill Ferris

"Fred works with 8 of the starting 9 Pittsford Mendon players so this is also a Battery Sectional Softball Title!"
(Pittsford-Mendon won its first sectional title in school history.)

Joe Reese, Maddie Reese's Dad


"Jason will be attending Oswego State in the fall and hopes to be a member of the Lakers Baseball team. I am fully confident that the Battery has prepared him to work hard to make that goal attainable. Thank you all for that. I am sure no matter what road Jason takes in life, he will always remember the times he spent at The Battery working with Fred and all of you. Thank you so much."

Peter Waughtel


"The Battery, Coach T, you and Fred have been so instrumental in shaping and forming my child (Nick) into the young man he is today. We could not have done it without people like you and Northstar. It definitely takes a whole communty to help raise a child. And to you, we will always be grateful."

Brenda and David Paonessa


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From Students


"Coach Fred,

I am writing to thank you and your staff for all you have done for me over the years. You have taught me how to be a great baseball player on the fiels, but more importantly, how to be a great student in the classroom. I have learned that being a great athlete will only take you so far. The way you carry yourself as a baseball player will take you much farther in life. You and your staff are great role models for myself and other alike. You inspire us to have great aspirations and work hard at achieving them. I have been able to accomplish  any things because of your teachings and would not be where I am today if I had not gotten instruction at The Battery.

I was a News 10 Scholar Athlete of the Week. I was named captain of varsity baseball. Started at second base both my junior and senior year. I was inducted in the National Honor Society. I will play in the Rochester Collegiate Baseball League this summer.

The Battery contributed to all these accomplishments. Your instruction inspired me to be the best baseball player. I guess what I am trying to say is that what you have taught me will always be with me.

Thanks for all your help.  Taylor "T-Bomb" Haug - Brockport HS  June 2014

All your great coaching and my hard work has paid off as I made the baseball team at Finger Lakes Community College. The work you all do is priceless, and the skills reach beyond the baseball field. Whether it was working on pitching mechanics, pick-off moves or receiving life advice from Coach John Tillinghast, I enjoyed every minute I spent at The Battery."

Jordan Rogers
Caledonia Mumford HS / Finger Lakes CC


"They coupled this teaching with their baseball philosophy: Perfect practice makes perfect. Through their instruction, I was compelled to develop a devout work ethic. The Battery made me realize the importance of working hard on and off the field. I honestly believe that without Coach T's and Freddy's influence, I would not be playing division 1 baseball."

Andrew "Andy" Parrino 
Le Moyne College

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From Coaches


"His main goal is geting his ball players ready for the next level, taking young talent and getting them prepared for college baseball. His players always conduct themselves properly because Coach T does not tolerate them being disrespectful. Teaching fundamentals of baseball and incorporating life skills is very important to him. Baseball needs more people like John Tillinghast."

Jim Quamo
Rochester Umpires Association


"I felt compelled to write you a letter thanking you for turning out and training fantastic baseball talent from your area! Not only have your student-athletes been trained properly and effectively... they have been the best kids, with manners and superior students."

Frank Paino
Baseball Coach
Oswego State University

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As a small family owned and run business, we are proud to contribute to make reality the dreams of thousands of young people.

We are proud of The Battery students who through the years have signed with Division 1 colleges and universities; proud of those who signed professional contracts , and proud to have  a Battery-trained student in the major leagues.

We are proud of the lives we have touched and the friends we have made.

In Memoriam

John Tillinghast - 'Coach T'
1942 - 2012

John Tillinghast

Coach T's strong and steady presence has always guided the Battery family and thousands of young people. We are sustained by the strength and peace of knowing he is now in God's loving hands. You are forever in our hearts and by our side.

Rest in peace Coach.


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