Testimonials and Comments from Battery Students

Coach Fred,

I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. Because of you am the player I am today. You have taught me everything about the game. You not only taught me softball skills but life skills and making sure I stayed focused I go to Niagara University with confidence. I will work hard to make you and The Battery proud.

Desarae Maldonado - Irondequoit High School


I want to say thank you for everything you have done foe me. It has been a fun and great six winter academies. I have improved so much on my mechanics on the field and have become a great person off the field. Coach T's words "sit straight up front and take good notes" has taught me to work hard for you want in life.  I will be going to college to study engineering but will see you before that in the spring. Baseball is in the air! and I am ready to have a great season and perform the best I can. Again, thank you coaches so much for all of the baseball fun and practices.

Scott Haug, Brockport High School


Dear Battery baseball,

I just wanted to thank you for all the help this year. Because of your help, I made JV as an 8th grader. Thanks for everything,

Mike Deninmarck, Webster


The Battery,

I have attended The Battery every year since I was in the 7th grade. I attended the winter camps along with private lessons from Fred and Coach T every single year.  With the help from them and the rest of The Battery family was able to achieve my individual and team accomplishments through my high school career. I was able to continue my baseball career at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Every single year of my college career I would have private hitting lessons with Fred to prep me for the upcoming season. I would also come to him whenever I seemed to be slumping at the plate and he was able to snap me out of it within a few lessons. During my senior season at RIT, I led the Empire 8 conference with a .383 batting average and won the ABCA/Rawlings All-New York Region Gold Glove honor along with being first team all conference. I can honestly say that I would not have had a successful college career without Fred's help and knowledge of the game.

The Battery not only prepares you for the game of baseball, they also stress the importance of academics in the classroom. The constantly reminded me the importance of my school work.  I remember Coach T ending every winter session with the line "Sit right in front and take good notes". I am now a packaging engineer at Pepsi's world headquarters in NYC and would not be here without the academic guidance and advice of the coahes at The Battery. Thanks you so much for your help on and off the field. I could not have done it without you.

Ryan Campbell

Brockport /Rochester Institute of Technology


 Mrs. T,

I attend Spencerport High School and I have been coming to The Battery since I was eight years old.  I have worked with Coach T when I was younger and over the past five years with Coach Tim Kemp on both pitching and hitting. I have been recruited by 25 colleges ranging from Div 1 schools to junior colleges, including Purdue, Slippery Rock Carolina Wesleyan where Coach Kemp attended.  I have decided to attend Jefferson Community College in Watertown, NY and will be starting at first base and pitching in a rotation in the fall of 2011.

I want ot thank everyone at The Battery for my success. I plan on attending Jefferson for two years and then moving on to a possible D1 or D2 school.

Coach T has always offered me words of encouragement and I thank him for that. I will continue to work at The Battery with Coach Kemp.

Thank you,

Jake Welch


Coach, MrsT and Battery staff,

I would love to be there to celebrate 25 years of excellent baseball training and to express my gratitude for the six or seven years of teaching and coachcing I received.  Unfortunately between my class schedule, college baseball requirements and work commitments, I can not make to Rochester this weekend. I send my best wishes to all of you and the best for the incoming trainees.

My college baseball experience has been great so far, thanks in large part to the solid fundamentals I acquired in my time at The Battery. This fall I continued to find success off thee mound for Case Western Reserve University's baseball team. Last spring I pitched well, helping us lead to our best season in decades, just missing an open bid the the play offs. We have high expectations going into this spring, and i will likely play a large role getting opportunities as a starter, reliever and closer .Thank you for years of wonderful guidance. You have all had a positive influence on my life throughout high school and into college. Best of luck as you begin this 25th Winter Academy.


Bradley Potter.


"I want to extend my thanks to all the coaches at The Battery training facility. All your great coaching and my hard work has paid off as I made the baseball team at Finger Lakes Community College. The work you all do is priceless, and the skills reach beyond the baseball field. Whether it was working on pitching mechanics, pick-off moves or receiving life advice from Coach John Tillinghast, I enjoyed every minute I spent at The Battery. I am so thankful for finding a facility of such quality to hone not only my baseball skills but tools I can use to be successful long after I throw my last pitch. Since completing my last lesson, the advantage I have over the baseball competition from the rest of the area becomes more apparent every day. The passion I now have for the game, the work ethic I take into the practice field, and the techniques for getting better that I have learned give me a definite edge over the average high school kid who tries out for a college team. I know for a fact that without the instruction I received at The Battery I would not be on a college team today. Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

Jordan Rogers
Caledonia Mumford HS / Finger Lakes CC



Dear Coach T,

I got back recently from the NY State Empire Games where we took the bronze medal. I did average hitting but played well defensively. I have received calls from several college coaches and a scout from the Milwaukee Brewers. He invited me to a try out with the Brewers. I want to thank you for the help during the winter with my hitting and catching.


Evan Wexler
Brockport High School



Dear Coaches,

I just wanted to thank you for all you've done at The Battery for me. My batting and fielding has never been better. I've made the 11 and under Brockport travel team, the Bisons. Thanks for your help. Hope to see you over the summer.


Taylor "T-bomb' Haug



Dear Coaches,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help this off season. I feel I have really improved from the first practice till now. Your help means a lot so that I can improve each season. I am going to try my very best to be the BEST on any team I am on this year. It was also very cool that I can practice with Andy Parrino!

So thanks again for ALL your help!


Scott "Scotter" Haug



Dear Coach Fred,

I wanted to thank you so much for helping me over the winter. I have progressed very much and I have gotten to be a much better player. I also wanted to tell you that your teaching skills and my work has paid off, I made the Pittsford Sutherland High School Varsity softball team. I worked very hard for this and it has been my goal all year so thanks again for helping me achieve this.


Kate McManus



I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the countless hours you allowed me to spend at The Battery. Your instruction has helped me become a better baseball player but most importantly, a better person. You helped me grow from a high school student into a well rounded young man. I look forward to continuing my friendship with you both as the years go by. During my time in college, I will definetely remember Coach's words of wisdom ,"Sit up front and take good notes".

Once again, thanks for everything you have done.

Kevin Haring  




Thanks for everything you have done to help me achieve my goals in baseball. When I look back at the decisions I made baseball wise, coming to you for lessons ranks right up there as one of the smartest things I have done.

Your knowledge of the game and your dedication to the game is something I truly admire. I look forward to my career at Le Moyne and am going to make the best of it.

Thanks again for all you have done for taking me from a pure thrower to an actual pitcher. I can still remember my first lesson when you told me that my mechanics were all wrong.

I thought you might want to know that I was the Class C Player of the Year in New York State.

Thanks again.

Brian Pullyblank
Caledonia Mumford HS - Le Moyne College 



I have attended The Battery for the past fifteen years. The impact from these sessions have greatly affected my life and my baseball career. Coach T. and Freddy have always recognized the importance of academic achievement. Both coaches reminded me to study, finish my homework and sit right up in front and take notes.

They coupled this teaching with their baseball philosophy: Perfect practice makes perfect. Through their instruction, I was compelled to develop a devout work ethic. The Battery made me realize the importance of working hard on and off the field.

I honestly believe that without Coach T's and Freddy's influence, I would not be playing division 1 baseball.

Andrew "Andy" Parrino
Le Moyne College

(You may read about Andy and his achievements in different sections of our website.)  



Coach T,

Thank you very much; you are too much. I can't believe I will not be at the Winter Academy next October. I have learned so much in these last five years. You have taught me such lessons that I will take on with me. Lessons not only dealing with baseball which my entire career contributes to, but life lessons that I will use to evolve into the man I am today. Thanks for everything; it has been great knowing you and I will keep in touch.

Nick Locicero
Fingerlakes Community College
(Nick has been a catcher on the Battery ABC team for three seasons and he is presently playing baseball in college.)  



" I first met Coach T. when I was in tee-ball. He wore sun glasses and whenever he spoke, I Iistened. As I progressed to the minor leagues in Spencerport, I was picked by Coach T. He took the team to The Battery before the baseball season; he spent more time helping us to improve our baseball skills than any coach I had before. It was time well spent because we finished in first place. He gave us more opportunities to play by scheduling more games into our schedule and extending the baseball season. I was picked by Coach T. in the major leagues. He created the Westside Travel League to allow us to play against good teams in the greater Rochester area. We did our best and a lot of fun in the process.

June 18, l987 was the worst day of my life. I was hit head on by a car and was in a coma for two days. Coach T. and his family faithfully visited me at the hospital. When I came home, he and the team were there for me.

I was in seventh grade when I tried out for the freshman baseball team but I was cut. I took a year off from baseball and then I went to The Battery. Coach T. helped improve in all aspects of the game. I took lessons with him and he helped me more than anyone in the world. He encouraged me to try for the junior varsity team as a 9th grader. I was teased my many who said I would never make it. But with Coach T.'s teachings I had developed an awesome swing and a good glove. When cuts were made, I still remained. On JV. I played well ending the season with a .420 batting average. I was the fourth hitter on the team. I played JV as a 10th grader but was called up to varsity during sectionals as a designated hitter.

Coach T. knows a lot about baseball and he cares about his players. He teaches sound fundamentals and that "perfect practice makes perfect". He has made a great difference in my life, a man that teaches the right way. Thank you Coach T., you are my hero."

Karl Nielsen
(Karl played for Spencerport during his high school years; he also played American Legion ball and was a member of The Battery ABC team. While teaching in North Carolina, he successfully coached high school baseball)  




Coach T and Coach Fred,

Thank you so much for the winter training at The Battery. I have never had coaches as good as you, and I have never had such good training. I love baseball and you have helped my love for it. I look forward to the next Winter Baseball Academy. Once again, thank you.




Coach T,

Thanks for all your help this winter. As an eighth grader I made the JV softball team. My hitting has improved a lot, so has my fielding and throwing. I am the starting catcher. Thanks for your help.

Katie Prok



Coach T,

I wanted to thank you and everyone at The Battery for all your help this past winter. I have successfully made the modified baseball team. My skills have improved tremendously and I owe it to you. See you soon.

Brandon White



Dear Coach T.,

I have been fortunate to have been around you for several years and I have learned more about baseball than some people dream about. You just did not teach me about baseball, you also taught me that school work is as important as baseball. I am very lucky to have you around, so is Fred, and so is every kid who loves baseball and has walked through The Battery doors.

I hope The Battery stays open for ever because there are many kids with talent who need a coach like you.

The most important thing that you have taught me is that if you have a passion for the game of baseball, and if you dedicate yourself to excellence, you will live that dream.

Thanks Coach T for helping me dedicate myself to my dream.

Michael Jesserer



Coach T and Coach Freddy, Thanks so much for helping me prepare for the big field this year. The private lessons and the Winter Academy have been of tremendous help to me. I will try everything you have taught me to my advantage.

Keith Savino

As a small family owned and run business, we are proud to contribute to make reality the dreams of thousands of young people.

We are proud of The Battery students who through the years have signed with Division 1 colleges and universities; proud of those who signed professional contracts , and proud to have  a Battery-trained student in the major leagues.

We are proud of the lives we have touched and the friends we have made.

In Memoriam

John Tillinghast - 'Coach T'
1942 - 2012

John Tillinghast

Coach T's strong and steady presence has always guided the Battery family and thousands of young people. We are sustained by the strength and peace of knowing he is now in God's loving hands. You are forever in our hearts and by our side.

Rest in peace Coach.


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