Testimonials and Comments from Battery Parents

"Thanks for all that you and your dad did for Ryan".  (Ryan was the Batting Champ/Rawlings Gold Glove Winner in 2010 as a senior outfielder at RIT.)

Jim Campbell

"Fred works with 8 of the starting 9 Pittsford Mendon players so this is also a Battery Sectional Softball Title!" (Pittsford Mendon won its first sectional title in school history.)

Joe Reese, Maddie Reese's Dad



Coach T, Mrs. T and the entire Battery family,

We would like to thank you for everything you have done for David over the last nine years. It is hard to believe that so many years have passed since he came into The Battery as a 10-year old with a love for baseball. It was like finding an oasis for him with so many great people who shared his interest. The guidance, honesty and patience that you showed with him can't be adequately measured. The stress on hard work, perseverance, school and self achievement are not often found in our society of instant gratification and false expectations. There were times when there were very few people that believed that he could become a top shelf player, but The Battery people never gave up on him. He was given the opportunity to keep trying plus the correct amount of encouragement and always knew that he had a home away from home, a place to spend time where people cared about him. As you know, the hard work has paid off and he was given the choice of several colleges to attend while continuing to play baseball. He ended up his high school days as a First Team All Monroe County player, while leading both the AAA and AA divisions in batting. He was also named Birds Eye Player of the Week and a Monroe County Scholar Athlete. While he did the work, there is little doubt that these accomplishments would not have taken place without The Battery's influence on an almost daily basis. We do not know what the future brings, but we know that The Battery's life lessons will impact our son for the rest of his life. Thanks again,

Mike and Deb Mazzullo



Fred, I am not sure how closely you and Coach T stay in touch with Coach Paino. I just heard that Brandon has been named the starting left fielder and batting 5th. He will also be sharing catching duties at Oswego State. I personally want to than you, Coach T and Mrs. T for all your hard work, valuable time and dedication toward Brandon's development over the years.

Art Wroblewski



To the Battery Staff, I can remember nine years ago I wanted to enroll my son Jason in the Battery Winter Baseball Academy. I did not. The the next year came and went and again, no Winter Academy for Jason. As I think back now, watching Jason excel throughout his high school years, I wish I had never waited those two years to get involved at The Battery. The past seven years at The Battery have flown by and his game has strengthened and his journey into adulthood has benefitted as well. You have taken the time to get to know Jason and work with him as an individual, not just another player. You have always been up front and honest about Jason's strengths and weaknesses. That honesty has been a valuable tool in choices for his future in baseball. Fred, you have become a respected mentor for Jason not only in the game of baseball but in life in general. He came to you as a 12 year old little leaguer and left as a man who plays baseball! His mother and I thank you for that. Jason will be attending Oswego State in the fall and hopes to be a member of the Lakers Baseball team. I am fully confident that the Battery has prepared him to work hard to make that goal attainable. Thank you all for that. I am sure no matter what road Jason takes in life, he will always remember the times he spent at The Battery working with Fred and all of you. Thank you so much.

Peter Waughtel



The Battery, Coach T, you and Fred have been so instrumental in shaping and forming my child (Nick) into the young man he is today. We could not have done it without people like you and Northstar. It definitely takes a whole communty to help raise a child. And to you, we will always be grateful."

Brenda and David Paonessa



My son has attended The Battery camps and taken individual lessons, both pitching and batting for over a decade. As a parent, I felt comfortable entrusting my only son to The Battery program because he was receiving high quality baseball and life's instruction. Coach Tillinghast cares about the players in his program and will not take a shortcut to success. He advises that there will not be curveballs thrown or anything done that could place 'his' students in jeopardy. Coach T. has been and still is a wonderful mentor to all the students in his program. He weaves life's lessons into the practice of baseball, and he makes that fun and rewarding. He teaches that hard work in life pays off just like in baseball. My son was fortunate enough to sign with a division ! college and receive a baseball scholarship that was due to the wonderful instruction he received at The Battery. I can not imagine a better place for a child to learn how to play baseball and have fun.

Henry Jesserer
(Mike Jesserer signed with Division 1 Niagara University.)



It has been almost 8 years since my oldest son was 6 and I walked into The Battery. I remember Coach T. telling me "I can teach the boy how to play the game and how not to get hurt, how good he becomes it is up to God." What Coach did not tell me was that my son would also learn the importance of education, good values and how to act like a gentleman. Coach not only taught my son the game of baseball, he helped him become the fine young man he is today. Ralphie was the starting shortstop on the JV Black team at McQuaid Jesuit High School in 7th grade. He would have never been able to compete at this level if he was not for the training he received at The Battery. It is not very often in life a person feels like he got what he paid for. In this case, I feel we got more than we paid for. My two other sons will hopefully spend the same amount of time at The Battery as Ralphie did, and I look forward to seeing them grow the same way.

Joseph Alloco



My oldest son walked into The Battery when he was ten years old. Even though he was just a boy, he immediately knew that he was in an environment that was different from anything he had ever encountered before. He said "Dad, these guys are serious about baseball." He was right. Jon began to take lessons and attend The Battery camps and did until he graduated from high school. Jon had many great accomplishments on the baseball field as a boy and now, he plays Division 1 college baseball which had become his goal after walking into The Battery those years ago. My youngest son followed his brother's lead and began attending The Battery when he was seven years old. Last season, Nick became the only 8th grader on his high school junior varsity baseball team. He, too, has done great things as a young player. Anyone who sees him play recognizes that Nick has had excellent training from highly knowledgeable coaches. For both boys, The Battery became a central part of their lives. They were taught baseball the way it should be taught. Experienced instructors who had earned excellent credentials gave them the solid basis to build their skills upon. But The Battery has given them more than baseball training. The concepts of respect for the game, for education and for people, in general, have translated into all aspects of their lives. They have learned so much about how to relate to those around them. They have had very special role models in many of the instructors and older players they have met at The Battery. They have made so many friends from all over the Rochester area and have had a great many baseball related opportunities that they otherwise would never have had. Basically, my sons have grown up at The Battery and, as a parent, I am very pleased that we were lucky enough to have found and gotten involved with The Battery. I have had the opportunity to see so many other training baseball training facilities in action. In my opinion, The Battery is the best. We are very lucky to have this resources available in the area. Baseball training is just part of a positive influence The Battery has on young players. But it is the social lessons and life skills that are the true benefits that kids absorb at The Battery.

Peter Morticelli



Dear Coach T, Mrs. T. and Freddy,

I just want to take the time to thank you for all you have done for Keith over the years. All of his hard work and the influence of you family has paid off in so many ways. Keith is focused and responsible in everything he does. He has learned to be conscientious and serious (sometimes too much). So much of what he has learned at The Battery is part of his daily routine. We are grateful and appreciative for your work and patience. We know he will carry what he has learned through you for a long time!

Claudia Savino
(Keith attended Pittsford Sutherland High School. He won Clarkson University's Leadership Award and is presently a chemistry major)



Dear Coach T,

You have played a very big role in helping me to raise my son. He has learned so much from you and your 'gang'. He has never given me a problem or been disrespectful in any way. He stays focused and has always excelled in his responsibilities. I do believe you were a true role model for him.

With love and respect,

Debra Stacey
(Rob had a rewarding baseball career at Churchville Chili and has played for the Battery ABC team. Mrs. Stacey nominated Coach T. for the Democrat and Chronicle series of "Ordinary people who do extraordinary things". Coach T was selected as one of eight 'every day angels' in 2004)



With the regular season and league championships over, I wanted to take a moment to give you some feedback on one of your students. Our son Alex has been training with you for a couple of seasons and the results speak for themselves. We have watched his progression and transformation into a disciplined, take-charge player. It is evident that this overall gameplay has been brought to a new level. Our heartfelt thanks to you for all you effort and patience. We are looking to seeing you again in the fall.

The Jarvela Family



Thought that you would like to know that Nicole made the 7th-8th grade baseball team. She did exceptionally well during tryouts. We want to thank Coach T. for his support and the winter academy made this possible.

Dave Ricciuto



Dear Coach T, I just wanted to thank you and all the other coaches which made the Winter Baseball Academy such a terrific experience for my son. He went on to try out for the Dade Junior High team and made it. He is one of only four 7th graders who did and is playing second base So all that hard work at camp paid off. Thanks so much.

Nancy Reice



Thanks! Adam was so thrilled when Coach T. called last night. You have been great and have been a big help to Adam throughout his high school career. I can't thank you enough. The work Coach T. does not only teaches the kids skills but keeps their focus on baseball through the winter. Baseball is a great life experience for my son and you have been a big part of that.

Dave Wille



Brett had a great season playing ball. He started at SS on the modified team and has been asked to play freshman ball next season. He also made the all star team this summer. As a parent and baseball fan, I thank you very much for all your help.

Bill Bernard



Matt started at SS for the JV team this past season. He led the team in batting average, extra base hits and RBIs. Many thanks to everyone at The Battery for all the help and thanks for your support.




We hope you all are doing well as you start another Winter Baseball Academy. We just want to let you know that we really appreciate all you have done and continue to do for Zack. The Battery has always been a second home for Zack. We thank you for being such a positive part of his life. All the best to you.

Mark and Elizabeth Owen

As a small family owned and run business, we are proud to contribute to make reality the dreams of thousands of young people.

We are proud of The Battery students who through the years have signed with Division 1 colleges and universities; proud of those who signed professional contracts , and proud to have  a Battery-trained student in the major leagues.

We are proud of the lives we have touched and the friends we have made.

In Memoriam

John Tillinghast - 'Coach T'
1942 - 2012

John Tillinghast

Coach T's strong and steady presence has always guided the Battery family and thousands of young people. We are sustained by the strength and peace of knowing he is now in God's loving hands. You are forever in our hearts and by our side.

Rest in peace Coach.


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