New York State - Section V High School Report Weeks 6 - 2017

Battery Students Performance – Week of May 8th

  • Freshman catcher Lena Sassenhausen hit a triple, had three RBI and scored one run for Wayne JV.
  • Freshman pitcher Emily Phelan hurled her 5th no hitter of the season for Bishop Kearney, striking out fourteen. Senior catcher Annie Heyen went 2-4, with a double, had two RBI and scored a run.  Junior Marissa Conroy went 2 for 4, with two doubles and had four RBI.
  • Junior Hunter Mazur went 2-3, scored two runs and had one RBI for Batavia.
  • Senior Hailey Dix had one RBI single for Gates Chili.
  • Sophomore Alyssa Raniewics had a hit for Churchville Chili.
  • 8th grader Vanessa Gailbraith threw a complete game with eight strike outs for Livonia.
  • Freshman Cody Tanis had a hit for Holley JV.
  • Junior Sydney Merritt went 4 for 4, scored one run and had two RBI for Finney.
  • Junior Quin Ignaszak went 3 for 4 and had four RBI for Brockport.
  • Sophomore Frank Lauricella pitched five innings to get the win for Brockport.
  • Freshman pitcher Emily Phelan threw her 6th ho hitter of the season for Bishop Kearney, striking out twelve. She also went 3 for 4, had three RBI and drew two walks. Senior Annie Heyen went 2 for 3, had three RBI , drew two walks, and scored three runs.
  • Freshman catcher Lena Sassenhausen went 3 for 5, with a double and a triple, drew a walk, had three RBI and scored three runs for Wayne JV.
  • Junior Hunter Mazur had two hits and three RBI for Batavia.
  • Junior Mary Gaffney had three hits and three RBI for Rush-Henrietta.
  • Junior Meg Palmer went 5 for 5, with a three-run homer and had eight RBI for Fairport.
  • Junior Alyssa Bolcato had three hits , including a double, and had one RBI for Irondequoit.
  • Game 1: Senior Kyle Carpino  had two hits for Cal-Mum. Game 2: Kyle Carpino got the win; he also had a homerun  and four RBI.
  • Freshman pitcher Sydney Bolton went 3 for 4 and had two RBI for Webster Schroeder.
  • Senior Ciera Moroz went 2 for 3, with a double, drew a walk, stole one base as scored one run for Canandaigua.
  • Freshman catcher Lena Sassenhausen had one hit and three RBI for Wayne JV.
  • Senior Isabelle Selvek had four hits and three RBI for Greece Olympia.
  • Senior Matt DeRoller had eleven strike outs for Bishop Kearney.
  • Junior Emily Mongelli had two hits, including a homerun and three RBI for Irondequoit.
  • Freshman Isobel Ross went 4 for 4, with a double and had two RBI for Honeoye Falls-Lima.
  • Pitcher Hannah Runinrott got the win for Cal-Mum.
  • Junior Quin Ignaszak went 2 for 3 and had one RBI for Brockport.
  • Senior Ciera Moroz hit a double, drew two walks and scored three runs for Canandaigua.
  • Sophomore Brooke Schmitt had a double and a triple, stole one base and had two RBI for Hilton.
  • Senior pitcher Hailey Dix went 4 for 4, with a double and a home run, and had three RBI for Gates Chili. Teammate Leah Buck went 3 for 3, with a homerun and had one RBI.
  • Sophomore Alyssa Raniewics went 3 for 3 with  a homerun for Churchville Chili.
  • Pitcher Hannah Robinrott threw a five hitter with seven strike outs for Cal-Mum.  Meghan Mietlicki went 2 for 3 and had three RBI.
  • Senior pitcher Kyle Carpino went 3 for 4 for Cal-Mum.
  • Freshman pitcher Sydney Bolton threw a three hitter for Webster Schroeder.
  • Junior Emily Mongelli went 2 for 3 with one RBI for Irondequoit.
  • Freshman pitcher Emily Phelan threw a two hitter striking out seventeen for Bishop Kearney. She also went 2 for 3, with a triple.  Catcher Annie Heyen went 4 for 4, with two RBI.
  • Freshman catcher Lena Sassenhausen had one hit, drew two walks and scored three runs for Wayne JV.
  • Freshman Maya Blackwell had two hits and scored two runs for Gates Chili.
  • Junior Sam Manioci went 3 for 4 for Greece Odyssey.
  • Senior Isabelle Selvek had one hit and one RBI for Greece Olympia.
  • Junior Alyssa Bolcato had three hits and one RBI for Irondequoit.
  • Pitcher Hannah Robinrott hurled a complete game for Cal-Mum to earn the win.
  • Freshman  Sydney Bolton had one hit and two RBI for Webster Schroeder.
  • Freshman Lena Sassenhausen went 4 for 5, had two RBI and scored one run for Wayne (varsity).
  • Sophomore Alyssa Raniewics hit a double for Churchville Chili.
  • Senior Kyle Carpino pitched seven innings for Cal-Mum, striking out seven.
  • Sophomore Sam Coughlin went 2 for 3 for Spencerport.
  • Sophomore Toni Cunningham went 3 for 4 with three RBI for Geneva.
  • Freshman Emily Phelan threw a two hitter with seventeen strike outs for Bishop Kearney at the Waterloo Tournament; she also had two hits. Kearney won the tournament when Emily Phelan threw a three hitter with fourteen strike outs and also had two hits and one RBI.
  • Senior Ciera Moroz’ hit on extra innings secured the win for Canandaigua.

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In Memoriam

John Tillinghast - 'Coach T'
1942 - 2012

John Tillinghast

Coach T's strong and steady presence has always guided the Battery family and thousands of young people. We are sustained by the strength and peace of knowing he is now in God's loving hands. You are forever in our hearts and by our side.

Rest in peace Coach.


The Battery's 33rd Anniversary

On March 2nd, 2016 The Battery celebrated its 33th anniversary of training champions.

As a small family owned and run business, we are proud to contribute to make reality the dreams of thousands of young people.

We are proud of The Battery students who through the years have signed with Division 1 colleges and universities; proud of those who signed professional contracts , and proud to have  a Battery-trained student in the major leagues.

We are proud of the lives we have touched and the friends we have made.

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